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July 26, 1996


Re: Marking Boundaries for Logging Purposes

The introduction of the Forest Practices Code has increased the awareness of forest companies as to the importance of establishing and marking boundaries prior to commencing any logging activity, due to the severe penalties which may be imposed should any trespass occur. Recent experience has shown that some land surveyors have commenced the survey and marking of boundaries of Crown land without first obtaining our instructions to do so.

In some cases, these surveys have been adjacent to national or provincial parks where it is particularly important that surveys reflect the actual park description and established procedures. In other cases, surveys have been performed in areas of Crown land where there were special circumstances which would have been disclosed had instructions been requested.

Please be reminded that prior to conducting any survey of Crown land, you must obtain written instructions from this office and that plans reflecting such surveys must be forwarded to this office. This applies to all Crown land, even if a title exists in the land title office.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Ringwood
Surveyor General