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(This Letter updates amended Circular Letter 461A issued July 18, 2018)

November 16, 2018


Re: Block Outline Survey - Section 69(3), Land Title Act

The Surveyor General has statutory authority to allow deferred monumentation of surveys in accordance with section 69(3) of the Land Title Act. This Circular Letter applies to applications under section 69(3), Land Title Act.

An application, containing the information outlined in the application checklist, must be made to this office to seek permission to conduct a survey under the block outline method. Applications must be submitted through myLTSA. The land surveyor must make all reasonable efforts to ensure their control monuments will survive the construction activities and are positioned to provide a solid control network for posting after construction is complete. If the survey is located within an Integrated Survey Area (ISA), there may be an opportunity to use ISA monuments as block outline control monuments as long as the ISA monuments are located within close proximity to the survey.

Please contact our office should you wish to discuss specific requirements for block outline methods of posting for highway or forest service road plans.

Once an application has been approved, the plan or plans utilizing the deferred method of posting may be submitted through myLTSA. Additionally, a letter of undertaking to complete the posting within one year, or within the time period approved by the Surveyor General, signed by the land surveyor responsible for the block outline plan, must accompany this submission.

One final posting plan is required for each plan that utilized the deferred method of posting and must be submitted to the Surveyor General within the timeframe approved by the Surveyor General in the Block Outline Order, unless an extension of time for completion of posting is approved. These plans must be submitted through myLTSA for approval.

The Surveyor General may grant an extension of time for completion of posting. A request for extension, which clearly states the reasons for the request, must be submitted for consideration at least one month prior to the expiration of the originally approved time period. Applications for extension should be sent by email to surveyor.general@ltsa.ca.

Yours sincerely,

Original Signed by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia