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November 16, 2018


Re: Block Outline Survey – Amendment to Section 69(1), Land Title Act

The Province has given Royal Assent to the standalone bill, the Land Statutes Amendment Act 2018, which brings into force amendments to various Acts including the Land Title Act. The amendments to the Land Title Act include a change to section 69(1), which eliminates restrictions on the types of plans that may utilize the block outline survey method.

Section 69(1) now reads:

“Before a survey is made, the Surveyor General, subject to conditions the Surveyor General considers necessary, may allow the survey to be posted by setting, at proper intervals, monuments of a specified permanent character.”

Before the amendment, use of section 69 was limited to subdivisions (and plans related to a block outline subdivision), highways and forest service roads. Broadening the use of block outline surveys will enable the preservation of monuments in more circumstances, such as statutory rights-of ways related to large infrastructure projects or for utility purposes, by deferring monumentation until after construction activities are completed. 

The requirements for an application to the Surveyor General in accordance with section 69(3) of the Land Title Act are found in the updated Circular Letter No. 461B.

Yours sincerely,

Original Signed by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia