Who is responsible for maintaining ParcelMap BC?

The Surveyor General Services of the LTSA is responsible for the quality of the land survey structure for the Province, and the LTSA is the...

Where can land surveyors view the ParcelMap BC dataset specifications?

Visit the Survey Plan Datasets page to view the Survey Plan Dataset specification and other...

The Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) is pleased to announce significant updates to the ParcelMap BC homepage and additional online resources. These improvements help users make the most of the comprehensive support information available, while also supporting stakeholder adoption of ParcelMap BC.

A key driver behind these changes has been input from the ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group (AWG) and the greater ParcelMap BC community, who identified challenges and gaps in support resources. A number of documentation issues raised by the AWG have been addressed by the updates.

New or updated online resources supporting ParcelMap BC include:

These resources help the ParcelMap BC user community - including adopter organizations such as municipalities, regional districts, provincial agencies, utilities and others - be more efficient while ensuring confidence when using ParcelMap BC to support their land-related research and business decisions.

The LTSA, along with the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society), are helping BC local governments and other organizations transition to ParcelMap BC as the current, complete and trusted representation of titled and Crown land parcels in BC. Since province-wide completion in June 2017, a total of 18 organizations have become adopters of ParcelMap BC.