Transferring title such as after the death of a spouse or owner on title requires the expertise of a legal professional. See...

The LTSA has land title offices in Kamloops, New Westminster and Victoria. For hours and address information, visit...

Section 381 of the Land Title Act establishes an exemption from payment of the statutory fees incurred by taxing authorities for searches...

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) has released the following ParcelMap BC Search enhancements for myLTSA users:

For myLTSA Explorer Users:

  • Improved access to order plans through the ParcelMap BC Search service
  • Ability to order electronic Crown land plans with the prefix EPC

For all myLTSA Users:

  • Ability to Save and Upload Shape in ParcelMap BC Search means that users can return to areas of interest and repeat searches more easily

Support tools for these enhancements are available on the myLTSA Help site. Customers are also welcome to contact the myLTSA Technical Support team with any system questions at myLTSATechSupport@ltsa.ca or by phone at 604-630-9630 or 1-877-577-LTSA (5872), option 2.