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Many of the LTSA's historical records are title-related paper documents that are securely stored in land title office vaults. All paper documents...

The LTSA provides a service charge discount to myLTSA Enterprise customers for the following reasons:

  • These customers typically...

The LTSA recommends that professional, government and business customers register with myLTSA Enterprise if their organization electronically...

Further to the announcement of August 23, 2018, customers are advised that myLTSA enhancements anticipated for release in October are now delayed to November 2018. Enhancements included in this next release require additional work and testing by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) to ensure we are continually providing secure and reliable solutions in the operation and administration of BC's land title and survey systems.

Customers are reminded the system enhancements will include:

1. Electronic Delivery of State of Title Certificates (STCs) When Order in Forms

When customers request a STC from within an electronic form, the mail option will be replaced by electronic delivery of the STC to your myLTSA Inbox. Please be reminded that STCs will be retained in the Inbox for 7 days after its delivery.

2. Update to myLTSA System Requirements

As browser technologies have evolved to support greater content interactivity and more integrated capabilities, the use of plug-ins such as Adobe Flash has become inefficient and can be cumbersome. Further, the myLTSA portal is continually enhanced to maintain high security standards while enabling users to access it using the latest technologies.

As a result, the myLTSA System Requirements will be updated as follows:

  • Adobe Flash is no longer required.
  • Microsoft Edge web browser is now supported.
  • Safari web browser is no longer supported. It is recommended that MacOS and iOS users download Chrome.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 is supported, in addition to Microsoft Windows 7 and 8. However, customers should note that support for Microsoft Windows 7 will end by January 1, 2020.

Customers are welcome to contact the myLTSA Technical Support team with any questions at myLTSATechSupport@ltsa.ca or by phone to 604-630-9630 or 1-877-577-LTSA (5872), option 2.