Currently, a subscriber may be a BC lawyer in good standing with the Law Society, a BC notary public in good standing with the Society of Notaries...

For land title forms Form A, Form B, Form C - Charge and Form C - Release, a subscriber may be either a BC lawyer, notary public or member of the...

The electronic form electronically signed by the subscriber and received by the Registrar under the Land Title Act is for all purposes...

The true copy is the printed copy of the electronic form with original signatures.

As announced on October 3, 2016, the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is implementing the Quality Verification program with lawyers and notaries to ensure electronic filing subscriber compliance with Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act. Compliance with the Act is critical to maintaining the integrity of BC's land title system.

The Director of Land Titles published PDF iconPractice Note 02-16 Truing Up an Original Electronic Instrument to clarify truing up principles. These principles provide guidance concerning the interpretation of Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act, specifically around true copies of electronic land title forms.

The Registrar of Land Titles will now begin verifying subscribers' pending electronic land title submissions for compliance with Part 10.1. Under the authority of s. 168.51 of the Land Title Act, the Registrar can, while an application is pending, verify whether subscribers who electronically signed submitted forms had in their possession a true copy, a copy of a true copy or, where applicable, the original of the supporting document. 

Subscribers who do not meet their obligations under Part 10.1 are subject to PDF iconDR 02-11 Director's Requirements for a Certification Authority, and will be required to ensure that they adjust their practices to ensure the security and reliability of BC's land title system. The Registrar intends to verify the land title electronic filing processes of every lawyer and notary public possessing a Juricert certificate.

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