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ParcelMap BC is the current, complete and trusted visual representation of titled and Crown land parcels across all of British Columbia. Today, many stakeholders in the lifecycle of land development rely on ParcelMap BC as a critical research tool. 

Land Owners and the General Public

Browse and search for parcel information using ParcelMap BC through the LTSA’s website with no sign-in or cost. 

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Land Development Professionals

Lawyers, notaries, realtors and government staff use myLTSA Enterprise to access ParcelMap BC to assist in land records research. If records of interest are identified, customers are able to easily purchase that information from the LTSA.

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Land Surveyors

ParcelMap BC is accessed with enhanced services via myLTSA Enterprise for research, planning and for submitting submit survey plan datasets. Land surveyors rely on ParcelMap BC data for use in conducting new surveys and preparing new survey plans.

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Local Governments, Provincial Ministries and Agencies

ParcelMap BC data products are integrated with their systems using ParcelMap Direct, including ICI Society who uses this service to supply ParcelMap BC to Society members via GeoShare.

Features of ParcelMap BC

  • Regularly-updated and relied on as a research tool to search for parcels of land in the province.
  • Integrates over two million parcels across the province as the single, current, complete and trusted electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed Crown land parcels.
  • Key piece of data infrastructure supporting economic and social development in the province.
  • Award-winning for innovative and leadership in the application of technology, data collection, geospatial information visualization, and thought leadership for the public good.

Capabilities of ParcelMap BC

  • Brings land information to life in a visual way as sustainable piece of data infrastructure for the economic and social benefit of all British Columbians. 
  • Delivers efficient access to a comprehensive dataset providing a rich visual representation of property information province-wide. 
  • Supports faster and more accurate real property transactions. 
  • Improves the speed and efficiency of land-related research, planning and business decisions through the current spatial representation of a given parcel and its relationship to adjacent parcels. 
  • Minimizes possible data discrepancies and confusion by reducing the need to consult separate spatial systems in BC.