The purpose of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) is to provide certain organizations that issue and submit land title documents over the...

In order to become a member of the ASR, an organization and its candidate for membership must complete and submit an ...

An individual who has been approved as a member of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) may electronically sign specified land title forms on...

For steps to become an Authorized Subscriber Register member, download the ASR Getting Started Guide

Complete the Authorized Subscriber Register Membership Application Form

  1. Read the Organization Terms and Conditions and the Candidate Terms and Conditions documents.
  2. Download, complete, and submit the PDF iconAuthorized Subscriber Registry Membership Application Form to initiate the process.
    1. The form must be completed electronically using Adobe Acrobat (Standard or Professional) and then printed and signed before it is submitted
    2. The PDF iconAuthorized Subscriber Register Membership Guide offers detailed instructions for completing the form.
  3. After the form has been printed and signed, it should be scanned as a PDF document and emailed to asr@ltsa.ca to complete the process.

Pre-Approved Forms and Natures of Interest, by Organization Types

The following are lists of the forms and natures of interest that an Authorized Subscriber Register member is pre-qualified to electronically sign and submit on behalf of their organization, based on the organization type. When completing the Authorized Subscriber Register membership application form, an organization must identify from the appropriate list which forms and natures of interest the Authorized Subscriber Register member will have authority to electronically sign.

Obtain a Digital Certificate from Juricert

After your application for membership in the Authorized Subscriber Register has been approved, you will receive an email notification that includes your authorized subscriber membership number.

Once you receive your membership number, please register with Juricert and obtain your digital certificate as soon as possible.

Please note that you cannot submit an application for a Juricert digital certificate without an authorized subscriber membership number.

Attend E-filing Training

New Authorized Subscriber Register members are required to undergo e-filing training before using their Juricert digital certificate for the first time. The training will assist Authorized Subscriber Register members with using their certificate to electronically sign and submit the land title documents they are approved to sign.

Complimentary e-filing training is available at your office or via a live webinar by contacting the LTSA Customer Service Centre at 604-630-9630 or 1-877-577-LTSA (5872). Consult the EFS User's Guide for detailed e-filing instructions.

Local Government Act Filing Form

The Director of Land Titles has approved a Local Government Act Filing Form and Local Government Act Filing Form Help Guide to support the introduction of the ASR. If your organization is a local government, please download and use this form.