Applicants can release a Land Tax Deferment Act charge by selecting "Land Tax Deferment Act" from the drop down list in item 3 of the "...

Under the Land Title Act, the electronic version of a document submitted through EFS is deemed to be the original document for all...

The subscriber must be in position to deliver the true copy or copy of the true copy of the original electronic instrument if requested by the...

No. The local government must use a fee paying account for electronic filing. The non-fee paying account may only be used for searching LTSA...

The Director of Land Titles periodically issues land title practice bulletins that provide practice direction on land title registration procedures and requirements.

PDF iconEnduring Power of Attorney

Bulletin 02-11

February 1, 2018

Subdivision of Air Space Parcels

Bulletin 01-16

May 9, 2016

Withdrawal of Land Title Applications

Bulletin 03-04

August 26, 2014

PDF iconEnduring Power of AttorneyBulletin 02-11August 30, 2012

PDF iconFiling Executed Paper Copies of Electronic Forms

Bulletin 404

January 9, 2012

PDF iconStatutory Right of Way Plans and Form C applications for Statutory Rights of Way over Untitled Crown

Bulletin 01-11

September 1, 2011

PDF iconWaive of Right of First Refusal

Bulletin 208

August 28, 2008

PDF iconProduction of Evidence [Electronic Instruments]

Bulletin 306

November 30, 2006

PDF iconPublic Agency Accommodation Act

Bulletin 206

June 30, 2006

PDF iconForeign Entities Not Registered in BC Acquiring or Holding an Interest in Land

Bulletin 106

March 23, 2006

PDF iconApplications Affecting More Than One Land Title Office

Bulletin 604

June 30, 2004

PDF iconNew Transaction Code - Modification

Bulletin 504

May 26, 2004