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For land title forms Form A, Form B, Form C - Charge and Form C - Release, a subscriber may be either a BC lawyer, notary public or member of the...

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April 2009

New Forms Available

All of the Electronic Filing System forms, including the Survey Plan Certification Form (for use with Land Title Act and Strata Property Act plans) and the Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General Form have been enhanced and are now available for download via EFS.

For your convenience, the following are the current versions of the forms of greatest interest to land surveyors:

  • Survey Plan Certification Form, version 5.
  • Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General Form, version 9.
  • Application to Deposit Plan at Land Title Office, version 6.

Additionally, updated versions of the Land Title Electronic Filing System (EFS) User's Guide and EFS web help are also now available through EFS and at LTSA's website under E-filing User Guides and Publications. The new version of the Land Title Electronic Filing System (EFS) User's Guide includes instructions to support Acrobat Version 9, new consolidated EFS and Search Services navigation screens, enhancements for land surveyors when obtaining pre-assigned plan numbers and plan reports, and updated instructions for the Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General Form.

Plan Orientation

Please ensure that if your plan image is going to exceed the standard E size, it is attached to the Certification Form in portrait orientation, and not in landscape orientation.

This will accommodate PDF to TIF conversion routines performed by ALTOS 2. The LTSA is in the process of modifying these routines so that plan orientation will not be an issue, but in the interim, your assistance is appreciated.


Thank you.

Jeff Beddoes, BCLS
Senior Deputy Surveyor General