The electronic form electronically signed by the subscriber and received by the Registrar under the Land Title Act is for all purposes...

The true copy is the printed copy of the electronic form with original signatures.

A copy of the true copy is the printed copy of the electronic form with original signatures that has been faxed, copied or scanned.

The true...

The electronic signature of the subscriber is a certification by the subscriber that the material facts set out in the electronic instrument or...

No. The subscriber does not have to be the same individual as the witnessing officer. It is also important to note that the role of the subscriber...

Direction to Land Surveyors No. 4 (July 2008)

All plans, including posting plans, must be accompanied by an Application Form when submitted to the Electronic Filing System (EFS) for filing into Land Title Registry.

Although there are no applicable land title office fees for filing posting plans, the "Deduct LTO Fees?" box in section 1 on the Application Form must remain checked for EFS to properly process your plan application. This is shown on the sample PDF iconApplication Form which you can view here.

Fees are determined based on the information provided in Section 3 on the Application Form; therefore, by choosing Posting Plan in that section, the system determines that no fee applies.

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Jeff Beddoes, BCLS, CLS
Senior Deputy Surveyor General