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August 13, 2012

Obtaining Consent of the Crown as Owner and Obtaining the Signature of the Surveyor General


Where a subdivision plan or reference plan is of land that is titled to the Provincial Government, an official from Government, generally from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO) must sign the plan, as owner, on behalf of the Government.

In order for the Surveyor General to fulfill a responsibility to Government to assist in maintaining their records of Crown land, it is necessary that, in addition to plans prepared for filing in the Crown land registry be confirmed by the Surveyor General, all plans defining Crown land be submitted to the Surveyor General.

Certain MFLNRO staff have signing authority where title to the land is in the name of the Crown, where title to the land is in the name of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and where title to the land is in the name of a former ministry, the responsibilities of which now rest with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

MFLNRO Officials do not need to sign statutory rights of way plans or posting plans on behalf of the Crown.

A list of MFLNRO offices and contact information is available in PDF iconSchedule A. If you are preparing a subdivision or reference plan of land titled to another government ministry please contact us for information regarding authorized signatories.

Once the electronic subdivision or reference plan of titled Crown land is completed, the land surveyor must approach one of the MFLNRO signatories to provide consent for the plan.

The signatory will need to be provided with the plan image affixed to a digitally signed Certification Form and an Application Form with the appropriate signature block. See: PDF iconExample of appropriate signature block. The Application Form must be as complete as possible, but cannot be digitally signed.

All Land Title Act plans must be submitted to the Surveyor General Division of the LTSA so that we can maintain government's Tantalis/GATOR records of Crown land.


Once the land surveyor has gathered all necessary consents and approvals for a plan the following information must be provided to the Surveyor General Division through EFS using the Land Title Act plans over Crown land Submission to Surveyor General Form (FORM_SGLT):

  • Application to Deposit Plan form which has been trued up but has not been digitally signed.
  • Copies of the Application To Deposit Plan form(s) in PDF format which bear the signatures of all parties (other than that of the Surveyor General) who must provide consent and approval to the plan in order for it to be deposited into the Land Title Register.
  • Copy of the Offer from MFLNRO in PDF format that caused the survey, including the sketch plan, and the page of the offer that has been signed by the applicant.
  • If the plan has been prepared at the direction of a government agency, a copy of a letter or other document requesting and authorizing the survey needs to be included in the returns.
  • Digitally signed Survey Plan Certification form and affixed survey plan image.

After the Surveyor General has endorsed the plan appropriately, the Surveyor General Division will generally submit the plan to the Land title register for deposit. In some instances, multiple supporting documents must also be submitted for registration or undertakings are necessary. In these instances, the Surveyor General Division will send the endorsed certificate to a lawyer or notary public, as directed, who in turn will submit the plan package for registration.

Please visit our website for information on the electronic survey plan process.

For further information, please contact any staff member of the Surveyor General Services unit of the Surveyor General Division through 1-877-577-LTSA (5872) or 604-630-9630.


Jeff Beddoes BCLS, CLS
Senior Deputy Surveyor General