COVID-19 Notice: LTSA Front Counters Reopening September 2021

Please be aware that LTSA’s Land Title Office front counters are currently closed; all other operations continue as usual. Reopening plans are anticipated for the end of September 2021. Details including new visiting procedures will be shared in the coming weeks. Please visit or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Web Filing Enhancements: Fractional Interests

Starting September 12, customers entering unrelated interests in Form C, such as multiple statutory rights of way or other groups of owners without fractional interest, can leave the undivided interest field blank. “As to an undivided … interest” will no longer appear on the Web Filing form for owners without fractional interest. In addition, covenants, easements and other charges without a shared fractional interest can be entered individually in the “Charge, Lien, Interest, or Notation” section by clicking on “Additional Information.” A separate schedule is not required.

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