The LTSA and its subsidiary LandSure Systems Ltd. own and operate the myLTSA portal to host the LTSA's Electronic Search and Filing services. The...

Many of the LTSA's historical records are title-related paper documents that are securely stored in land title office vaults. All paper documents...

The LTSA provides a service charge discount to myLTSA Enterprise customers for the following reasons:

  • These customers typically...

The LTSA recommends that professional, government and business customers register with myLTSA Enterprise if their organization electronically...

myLTSA Enterprise provides access to the full suite of the LTSA's Search and Filing and other services allowing professionals, and government and business customers to:

  • Search for all types of land titles
  • E-file applications to the land title office or Surveyor General Division
  • Order tax certificates
  • Pay using a pre-paid deposit account with a $250 initial deposit with $1.50 service charge (discounted) per transaction
  • Configure an account for use by many users

Register for a myLTSA Enterprise Account

When registering online for a myLTSA Enterprise account, you will need your organization’s:

  • Legal name, exactly as shown on its legal records
  • Nine-digit Business Number, commonly called a GST/HST number
  • Primary contact information

The activation process for a myLTSA Enterprise account takes about 3 to 5 days, which is the time required to process the initial funds transfer. Until your account is activated, you will not be able use myLTSA Enterprise to transact with the LTSA. After funds are received in your deposit account, myLTSA Enterprise will be activated and you can begin transacting.

Get started with a myLTSA Enteprise account or register online.

Consider a myLTSA Explorer Account

The LTSA offers PDF iconmyLTSA Services - myLTSA Enterprise and myLTSA Explorer. A myLTSA Explorer account may be better suited to your organization’s needs if:

  • You order 40 or fewer land title records each year
  • You do not order Historical titles
  • You do not electronically file
  • You prefer payment by credit card, or your transaction volume with the LTSA does not warrant a $250 deposit for a myLTSA Enterprise account
  • A single user account meets your needs