The LTSA and its subsidiary LandSure Systems Ltd. own and operate the myLTSA portal to host the LTSA's Electronic Search and Filing services. The...

Many of the LTSA's historical records are title-related paper documents that are securely stored in land title office vaults. All paper documents...

The LTSA provides a service charge discount to myLTSA Enterprise customers for the following reasons:

  • These customers typically...

The LTSA recommends that professional, government and business customers register with myLTSA Enterprise if their organization electronically...

myLTSA Explorer is a single-user account service ideal for customers who order a limited number of land title records each year and prefer to pay by credit card.

myLTSA Explorer allows you to:

  • Request registered titles, State of Title Certificates, documents and plan images
  • Search by
    • Parcel Identifier (PID) or title number
    • Document and plan number
    • ParcelMap BC Search
  • Order up to 40 titles, State of Title Certificates, documents or plan images each calendar year
  • Pay as you go by credit card

Historical titles are not available on myLTSA Explorer, nor can you search for titles by owner name, legal description or charge number. 

Get started with a myLTSA Explorer account or register online.

Register for a myLTSA Explorer Account

Register online for a myLTSA Explorer account. To complete the online registration form, you will need the user contact information including an email address.

Once the login process has been completed, you will be able to request titles, State of Title Certificates, documents and plan images.

Consider a myLTSA Enterprise Account

The LTSA offers two PDF iconmyLTSA Services - myLTSA Enterprise and myLTSA Explorer. A myLTSA Enterprise account may be better suited to your needs if your organization:

  • Searches for titles by owner name, legal description or charge number
  • Orders more than 40 titles each year
  • Orders tax certificates
  • Requires more than one user account