Which subscribers can electronically sign land title forms?

For land title forms Form A, Form B, Form C - Charge and Form C - Release, a subscriber may be either a BC lawyer, notary public or member of the...

Which is the original of an electronic form?

The electronic form electronically signed by the subscriber and received by the Registrar under the Land Title Act is for all purposes...

What is a true copy of an electronic form?

The true copy is the printed copy of the electronic form with original signatures.

What is a copy of a true copy of an electronic form?

A copy of the true copy is the printed copy of the electronic form with original signatures that has been faxed, copied or scanned.

The true...

As an owner or charge holder, your signature is a prerequisite to depositing a subdivision plan in the land title office, unless the Registrar determines otherwise. You will be listed on, and receive a copy of, the Application Form. You will also receive the survey plan as a PDF file and its attached Certification Form.

The Application Form may also list a number of other owners, charge holders (such as banks and utility companies) and approving authorities.

This Application Form, along with the survey plan, may be delivered concurrently either by hard copy or electronically, to each person listed, who in turn must sign and then return the Application Form to the originator.

If you receive the Application Form electronically, print it and physically sign on the line where your name is shown. Your signature must be witnessed. The witness signs and prints his/her name, address and occupation on the appropriate lines beside your signature.

Once you and the witness have signed the Application Form, return it to the person who sent it to you. You may scan the Application Form and email it or fax it back to that person or return it by mail, courier or by hand delivery.