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December 7, 2018


Re: Official Coordinates for Integrated Survey Areas within the Metro Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley Regional District - Refreshed Elevation Values

New official integrated survey area coordinate listings have been created for the following 14 areas, which lie within the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), and the one area within the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD):


ISA No. 1 Surrey

ISA No. 13 Delta

ISA No. 14 Coquitlam

ISA No. 16 North Vancouver District

ISA No. 18 Richmond

ISA No. 25 Burnaby

ISA No. 31 Vancouver

ISA No. 35 Port Moody

ISA No. 36 Maple Ridge

ISA No. 41 Langley Township

ISA No. 42 White Rock

ISA No. 44 North Vancouver City

ISA No. 45 Langley City

ISA No. 49 New Westminster


ISA No. 24 Abbotsford

The new coordinate listings are the result of a refreshed vertical adjustment based on new precise levelling observations of a "First Order Levelling Framework Network" (FOLFN) conducted between March 23, 2015 and August 11, 2015. Horizontal coordinate values for all points remain unchanged, as this is a purely vertical adjustment. There are 16,376 monuments included in this adjustment. Of those, approximately 1,200 GCMs were directly observed as a part of the FOLFN, while the remaining GCMs were re-adjusted based on historic observations connected to the FOLFN. Approximately 350 GCMs in the FOLFN have significant elevation changes that were assessed to have been the result of individual movement of those monuments (as opposed to regional movement). Of the remaining monuments in the FOLFN, shift values are representative of small regional movement up to 1cm relative to the GCMs held fixed in that adjustment. For GCMs that were not a part of the FOLFN, all changes in elevation are the result of maintaining consistency with the changes to the FOLFN through the use of historic observation sets. In some instances, historic integration issues were rectified resulting in significant elevation changes within pockets of the MVRD.

The official new coordinate listings supersede the previous listings. The new coordinate listings are available in PDF format for viewing or download from the Surveyor General Division section of the LTSA website under Integrated Survey Area Program. This web page displays a table of all Integrated Survey Areas in numerical order. The ISA number provides a link to the respective coordinate control monument listing.

The listings are published in an electronic format under the authority of section 13(5) of the Land Survey Act.

An electronic map of the location and extent of all Integrated Survey Areas is published in the ParcelMap BC Search for Land Surveyors view on myLTSA under the authority of section 13(1) of the Land Survey Act. ParcelMap BC shows the location and designation of the coordinate control monuments on the Survey Features >> Survey Control layer and the boundary of the integrated survey areas on the Survey Features >> Integrated Survey Areas layer.

In addition to the official coordinate listings on the LTSA website, a user may use the MASCOT Survey Control Database to obtain additional information for control monuments such as location sketches, detailed coordinate information and revision history. To invoke this function within ParcelMap BC, turn on the Survey Control layer to see the location of all monuments. Click on the desired monument location; in the Search Results pane on the right side of the screen, the monument should be listed by GCM number and when hovered over there is a link to 'Search MASCOT' which will bring up a new page with the GCM number pre-entered for a search in MASCOT.

In order to provide greater clarity to the future users of both legal survey plans requiring vertical integration (i.e. Air space and Volumetric plans) and topographic survey plans, it is recommended that the vertical datum statement include the refresh date as shown on the MASCOT listing ("CVD28GVRD2018") along with the published elevation value of the benchmark(s) referenced.

Legal surveys within all of the affected Integrated Survey Areas must be integrated according to Part 2-3 of the Survey and Plan Rules. Surveys that lie wholly or partially within the ISA boundary must use the new elevation values for any plan with an electronic checklist completion date of January 1, 2019 or later.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Mike Thomson, BCLS

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia